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If you want to have intercourse but no overtures and your stomach empty of food, drink and sexual intercourse shall be the safest and best, if the stomach was overloaded in sexual intercourse cause harm to the rights, is that it merges strokes and the like and less what is in the body and reduces the urine cut off from sight and If I had intercourse with light food and drink have secured it and do not Tjama woman only after Mlaabtha it brings your water and its water and almost desire of the same and so I go to her body and best for the stomach, if you spent your need so they do not by standing Ttramy the wheel and let it be on your right 

How to have intercourse

If you want to have intercourse, you perfume, and a Ttaibtma was more satisfactory to, and then manipulation of Bossa and rod and Taqbila in bed outwardly and inwardly so you know desire has brought in her eyes and then inserted between her thighs and intra Eric where and do, that go for you all and best of the stomach .If you want to have intercourse thrown women on the ground and shaken to your chest coming to her mouth, and neck Massa and rod, and Bossa in the chest and breasts and Aloekan and Alo_khasar and you are volatile right and left to soften in your hands and be dissolved, if I saw her on that case Voolg whereEric, If you do come Shahutkma all and it almost lust for women, and if you did not impair women's purpose does not come to her lust, If you spend your need and you want to get off Flatqm exists, but your right hand gently, and do not drink at your leisure of marriage a drink of water, it relaxes heart, and if you want to revisit it all Vttehra Mahmoud and beware that you looked forward, I am afraid you from its water and its use in Ihllik it leads to hernia and gravel, and caution after intercourse the severity of the movement, they hated, and recommended quiet hours, and if removed the male of the vagina is not Ngtzle to calm down a bit, then calmed down then wash gently and not too much money and do not remember when graduating Vtdlleke vacuum and wash him and Tarkh winery, it is inherited. And various types of reaction to him, if you wish you did well and well and everyone in the shop is well known, and types of Marriage Miley

Ø women receiving on the ground and staying between her thighs and inserted between the intra and Eric and where you are sitting on the edge of the fingers and one who is fully Ierh.

Ø In the short-mentioned women laying on her back and then lifted her right leg the example of his left ear and flying in the air, its mechanism remains her vagina out Violg Ierh it.

Ø and women is that you receive on the ground and inserted between her thighs and legs carry under your arm on your side and the intra.

Ø is that you are on the ground and then carry her legs on your shoulder and then the intra.

And Ø is that you receive on the side and you are on the side and then inserted between her thighs and the intra intercourse, but this is inherited Sciatica.

Ø is that women receiving on her knees and facilities and you come from behind and the intra.

Ø is that women receive on her side and then inserted between her thighs and you are sitting in bed, then make a man over your shoulder and the other between your thighs and your hands where the incubator.

Ø is that women receiving above the ground and replace her legs from each other and then carrying this knee so that the legs remain between the thighs and the intra.

Ø and that is received on her back on the shop so that the legs are short in the ground and back to the shop and its Mechanism on the wall and the intra.

Ø is to come to the Sidra short grab women in the branch of them and then you come to take stock of her legs and waist, and the intra.

Ø and that is to receive the ground and then work and then a pillow under the mechanism away between her thighs and make the bottom of her right leg on the bottom of her left leg and then the intra, and many species of this section.

The harmful effects of sexual intercourse

The harmful effects of sexual intercourse many, has been relegated to Madet needed and are as follows: marriage and stand inherited weakness knees and inherited disease, and marriage is on the side inherited sciatica, and the marriage before breakfast inherited blindness and weakens the sight, and Ttlie the woman him on your chest so that semen and you are lying on your back is inherited heartache, and that the injury to something from the water of the woman in the urethra injury of Staff and is the killers, and when you pour the water coming off inherited and gravel works hernia, and hyperactivity and to wash the penis soon after intercourse inherited red, and intercourse with the elderly a deadly poison, no doubt, and frequent intercourse ruin the health of the body because the semen comes out of pure food like butter from the milk shall be the remainder no benefit and no benefit, and Almtola by means of marriage is suffering the eating Alamaajn and drugs, meat, honey, eggs, non- that inherited his _khasail and is the first: go of his power, and the second one: lack of consideration that is inherited him from blindness, and Third: raising humor, and the fourth: his paper keeps the heart that does not prevent the escape and that expulsion does not suffer and that the heavy lifting and that aware of work take time; and said: "The correct amount in marriage to the owners of the natures of the four bloody and Albulgmi him to marry two or three, and biliary and melancholic to marry him once a month. I said: I've seen people this time melancholy and bloody and bilious and phlegmatic not invent marriage is not on at night and not during the day, so many ills bequeathed them invisible phenomenon and not only knew it.
The causes of sexual intercourse and lust what strengthens
Reasons lust intercourse six: heat boyhood; frequent semen; and closer who craves; and a handsome face; and eat foods known; and contact of ..... And strengthen the eight things to have intercourse and he had to and they are: the health of the body; and vacuum the heart of the concerns; and solitary self; and the large number of joy; and good singing; and different faces and colors.And thereby strengthens the sexual intercourse: taken love wheat and beats him and hurt oil and honey skim of foam and then eaten on an empty stomach, it strengthens to have intercourse (Galen said the wise: the vulnerability of intimacy when you sleep may drink a glass of honey Kather, and eat two tenths of a grain ofalmonds and a hundred grains of pine, attends to the three days) and thus strengthens the sexual intercourse, too, if plating the male and the vagina bitterly wolf it increases in the strength of sexual intercourse, as well as sowing onion rings and Sift and mix with honey and chew on an empty stomach in the morning, as well asLubricant peak sentences melts and paints by the male and suspended the will of intercourse, women Almenkoha see it screamed, and if you want the perfume you craving Vamdg Kababp and make them at the top of remembrance and a mosque, it inherited a great joy to the male and female, and is also working fat Bay La Sun, and if you want to force to have intercourse knock a bit of a pyrethrum almonds and chopped ginger and tapping Tkhaltha painted the lily and paint the pubic and stalk you find the strength to have intercourse, and if you want to force to have intercourse and increase and strengthen Abatk maniac and a lot Anedadk, All the weight of tea whit you Tned Inaada severe and increases in all of what we are, and if you want to Thabk women in the marriage take something from Kababh and pyrethrum and chew when having intercourse and anoint him and remember they Collector Thabk great love, and if the fat maledonkey milk was the greatest and most powerful, and to take the chickpeas with onions and a good grinding and grinding with pyrethrum, and taken from the ginger and sprinkle something to celebrate the praises of chickpeas, onions, and eat it often finds it strange to get married.

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