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Benefits for men and women

Benefits for men and women

This section in which the benefits have not seen it but from a look at this blog and find out what is better than ignorance, and if there are things Ignorance poor shot, especially knowing what you have hidden things from women ..

Haki. About a woman who is said to have unbridled, was outdated and I know the people I know told her: "O wise, where to find the mind O Niswan?; Said: In the thighs!! Said to her: and craving?; Said: in that place!! Said to her: Where men find their love and hate?; Said: "At this place, loved it and we gave him Vergina Obgdhanah Obadnah of him, and of loved Zdnah from us and at the lowest Astguenena him anything, and if not possessed of wealth we like it, and from Obgdhanah and if Ognana gave us and we have no share; and said to her: Where to find their passion and knowledge and sensuousness, longing?; said: in the eye and the heart and the vagina; told her: Benny us that! She said: "love his home and heart knowledge her home in the eye and taste home-Faraj, If you look at the eye of the Mileiha and my favorite and I wondered from its shape and good texture, the effect of his love in the heart, then be able to love and live it Vtaatbah and focused his booby, if happened and I called him Omagueth vagina, then the show of sweet bitterness Bmliq Mliq women because women's chastity, With it, you know Maleh of ugly when you taste; and also told her: I love any Aliior to women? And any women like to get married? And any women hate to get married? And the men and women love to hate?; She said: women do not like each other in marriage and chastity, love and hatred, either short and women in them throughout, and Tabaiahn different, a woman near the uterus of love Aliior short thick Isdh dam which is Report, and if you love thick and full, and the remote uterus distinguishing the vagina, they do not like the Aliior but infused with thick full filled out, and if you do not like short, thin and never does not like to get married, and women in the bile and melancholia and Bulgmip and mixed; it is the nature of women's yellow and black, they do not like the large number of marriage and agrees not of men but of the nature of it used to be, and that the nature or bloody Bulgmih shall love the multitude of Marriage and agrees not of men but of the nature of it used to be, and that His two natures of them married the advanced what he heals, and the mixed between what in the marriage, the woman and shall love the short marriage and love big thick aer more than Toelhpaly each case was not of Aloior agrees but is subject to the full thick like living and bed; and the men in marriage and abundance and I said, they like women in the natures of the four, but the women most love in Aliior of men in the broiler; and was told Marbdeh wise Tell us about the evil of women; said: the evil of women if the increased money in your dinner something changed you, or If you hide something and I took it Khevck; it was said: Then who? "; said: great sense and jealousy, and to raise their voices above the voice of the husband, and is the Mobile News and publisher of the feuds, and is showing her beauty to all, and many exit and entry, and If I saw the woman a lot of laughter and parking doors may know it whore prostitute, and point women to operate in women, and many complaint, and her tricks and Spite and thief from the wealth of the husband and others, and point women also be bad morality many foolish and Alinkarp of the act beautiful, and you abandon the bed, and many cunning and deceit and falsehood and treachery and tricks, and women who are many aversion traitor bed and starting her husband and his mind for themselves, and many common in bedding and true face without shame, as well as incomplete mind, however, the headmistress and others; These women learn that point.

Causes of male infertility

The men of the Ntefth bad cold and also by the disease, the smooth and calamity, and from it will be Ierh crooked hole to the bottom of the can get out of the water going, but come down to the bottom, and some of them have said small did not reach a woman's vagina, or be of those who hasten landing of the water before the descent of water of the woman, and did not agree to meet all of us, it is that the lack of pregnancy and of them who will be impotent and is in the palace, and something else is to take from the heating and cooling with the differences between them, the one who accepts the disease is to be Ntefth where the cold and smooth and chaos and so on, and the speed to get off and have Air is short, and who suffers in Ierh sores or other, he Balamaagen warm like honey and ginger, garlic, cinnamon and nutmeg and the tongue of a sparrow and house Chinese and Pepper and other material to warm it healed with God's will and strength and other things that we like Enein and crooked hole and others.

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