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Arts ear fondling

Secrets of fondling authorized Wife:
The fondling the ears the mouth, whether it's touch or whispered, it increases sexual arousal, particularly for the wife. So it should not neglect the art of foreplay, many of the wives burning in them the desire soon as it touches the ear the mouth of the husband. As for the Whisper is fueling feelings of inspiration and provoke the imagination, Also, with a whisper out of the mouth of the husband hot air warm go directly to authorized the wife is considered one of the strongest factors that push to raise the desire of the wife. and be a whisper and lips Garibbh of the ear until you're breathing, speech, the weak stimulus and sense of warm breath and be close to the ear and do not forget Foreplay lobe tip of the tongue or lips glued to the ear with a whisper of fresh and beautiful Vmalk more than the desire of the ignition so it is a wife, but if it were during foreplayPenetration have lost their and the tastiest and the best way to be the wife asleep on her stomach and her husband was sleeping above the penetration through the vagina as in the French way, but in her sleep and I want to add that in the ear the end of the related neurological into the vagina Vithartha be a sponsor aroused and would prefer to form n Foreplay ear the beginning of the process of citizenship to come down Alsellaat neural direction of gravity and be compatible with the course of the nerves and also add an important point is that the pair some of their saliva mixes with the ears of the wife is touching his mouth Saliva which flows permission Alemraeh his magic in agitating feelings and I ask fitter not be asked to Wise.

To authorize a special kind of attraction:
One of them asked me: What more placements in a woman's body in response to raise her husband? I said to him: women Arabia were until recently,Thus, you discover that you are the subject of any more sensitive than others in the body of your wife, but there are positions common among women .. All are relieved if Astthern through.He said: What are the placements? And Boeha start? I said: ear!Said with great surprise and amazement: ear? What would the ear sex? I said: it is through her ear, listening to the words thin and soft, and loaded with love and praise and spinning and the locks open her heart and mind and the same for each Foreplay comes after that. Said: This kind words and soft Almtghazlp .. Like what? I said: any word where the impressive spouse, form, with talk, but any part of the body parts: eyes, mouth, nose, hair, neck, legs ... He said: Did you hear these words, such as cohabitation or during the course? I said: "during which, and hours earlier, days .. But always.He said: always? I said: If I wanted to Tsedkk you should not forget all the time those words .. If your limited on what such as cohabitation, the spouse that you will ascribe it to discourage you need to live with her .. You might be surprised if you have your wife by saying I do notI hear these words from you unless you want to Mxti laughed and said: This is actually what you say. I said: I'll tell you about a friend who was suffering so much from a lack of response to him every time he calls his wife to go out with him. And tormented his wife one morning her uncle's death .. The uncle cherished by a lot, and realized that our friend will be deprived of his wife several days, until the secret of her grief at her uncle, who was his great love. Our friend, and expressed his sympathy with his wife, and became calms her Bamha downstream states, virtues and character, and he moved to is more merciful to him from all around him, and tears whenever his wifeClear it gently and Hanan Wood, and whenever you play children and raised them away by the noise which destroys for: your mother tired .. Just go and play away. Friends say this: In the evening of that same day, when Awena to Frahna, my wife and Asset consolation final before going to sleep, and accepted on her head, and I held her to my chest before the leave to sleep in a calm .. If surprised by my desire in an intimate link .. Continue to this friend, saying his words: It was a real surprise to me, it was my wife Tsdni in the event of confidence and joy .. How to respond to me is sad? I thought a little, I knew the secret, I've had my sympathy with them throughout the day, and cared enough to love and console her after she received the news of the death of her uncle, the cause of their tendency to me, love me, and hang me .. It is as though she wanted to Tbadlni love love, and love and affection, their response was wonderful.Said: "I have learned something important from you today .. I hope to publish what we had from the dialogue to the benefit of thousands of couples.

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