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Benefits for men and women

Benefits for men and women

This section in which the benefits have not seen it but from a look at this blog and find out what is better than ignorance, and if there are things Ignorance poor shot, especially knowing what you have hidden things from women ..

Haki. About a woman who is said to have unbridled, was outdated and I know the people I know told her: "O wise, where to find the mind O Niswan?; Said: In the thighs!! Said to her: and craving?; Said: in that place!! Said to her: Where men find their love and hate?; Said: "At this place, loved it and we gave him Vergina Obgdhanah Obadnah of him, and of loved Zdnah from us and at the lowest Astguenena him anything, and if not possessed of wealth we like it, and from Obgdhanah and if Ognana gave us and we have no share; and said to her: Where to find their passion and knowledge and sensuousness, longing?; said: in the eye and the heart and the vagina; told her: Benny us that! She said: "love his home and heart knowledge her home in the eye and taste home-Faraj, If you look at the eye of the Mileiha and my favorite and I wondered from its shape and good texture, the effect of his love in the heart, then be able to love and live it Vtaatbah and focused his booby, if happened and I called him Omagueth vagina, then the show of sweet bitterness Bmliq Mliq women because women's chastity, With it, you know Maleh of ugly when you taste; and also told her: I love any Aliior to women? And any women like to get married? And any women hate to get married? And the men and women love to hate?; She said: women do not like each other in marriage and chastity, love and hatred, either short and women in them throughout, and Tabaiahn different, a woman near the uterus of love Aliior short thick Isdh dam which is Report, and if you love thick and full, and the remote uterus distinguishing the vagina, they do not like the Aliior but infused with thick full filled out, and if you do not like short, thin and never does not like to get married, and women in the bile and melancholia and Bulgmip and mixed; it is the nature of women's yellow and black, they do not like the large number of marriage and agrees not of men but of the nature of it used to be, and that the nature or bloody Bulgmih shall love the multitude of Marriage and agrees not of men but of the nature of it used to be, and that His two natures of them married the advanced what he heals, and the mixed between what in the marriage, the woman and shall love the short marriage and love big thick aer more than Toelhpaly each case was not of Aloior agrees but is subject to the full thick like living and bed; and the men in marriage and abundance and I said, they like women in the natures of the four, but the women most love in Aliior of men in the broiler; and was told Marbdeh wise Tell us about the evil of women; said: the evil of women if the increased money in your dinner something changed you, or If you hide something and I took it Khevck; it was said: Then who? "; said: great sense and jealousy, and to raise their voices above the voice of the husband, and is the Mobile News and publisher of the feuds, and is showing her beauty to all, and many exit and entry, and If I saw the woman a lot of laughter and parking doors may know it whore prostitute, and point women to operate in women, and many complaint, and her tricks and Spite and thief from the wealth of the husband and others, and point women also be bad morality many foolish and Alinkarp of the act beautiful, and you abandon the bed, and many cunning and deceit and falsehood and treachery and tricks, and women who are many aversion traitor bed and starting her husband and his mind for themselves, and many common in bedding and true face without shame, as well as incomplete mind, however, the headmistress and others; These women learn that point.

Causes of male infertility

The men of the Ntefth bad cold and also by the disease, the smooth and calamity, and from it will be Ierh crooked hole to the bottom of the can get out of the water going, but come down to the bottom, and some of them have said small did not reach a woman's vagina, or be of those who hasten landing of the water before the descent of water of the woman, and did not agree to meet all of us, it is that the lack of pregnancy and of them who will be impotent and is in the palace, and something else is to take from the heating and cooling with the differences between them, the one who accepts the disease is to be Ntefth where the cold and smooth and chaos and so on, and the speed to get off and have Air is short, and who suffers in Ierh sores or other, he Balamaagen warm like honey and ginger, garlic, cinnamon and nutmeg and the tongue of a sparrow and house Chinese and Pepper and other material to warm it healed with God's will and strength and other things that we like Enein and crooked hole and others.

Zoom aer small and venerate - need the bulk of men

Zoom aer small and venerate - need the bulk of men

That this section of the aggravation of the male is useful for men and women, the male little hate women during intercourse as hate soft weak relaxed, and the pleasure of women in the male large, it was mentioned by a small and wanted to venerate and strengthened him to have intercourse Vlidlleke warm water is warm until Browns and being the blood and is heated and then erase it with honey jam, ginger, and make that case for sexual intercourse, the woman taste it a great joy; and willing Vlezn pepper and hyacinth and musk and Aljuljan weight and one after knocking and Altngel, and knead it with honey jam, ginger and licked by the male after rubbing it with lukewarm water Dlka well, it thickens, and taste the great pleasure of women, God willing; or take Mea muted browns and rubbing it until then stands and takes a piece from the shelf and makes him the slave of the asphalt heated and then delivered to both male and is standing diffuse to cool the asphalt and sleep above and do it over multiple, it maximizes and grow up, God willing, then take the leeches a set amount and is the one who keeps in water and then makes them into a bottle as much as he and hurt by the oil and puts it in the sun and then painted this oil mentioned consecutive days, the said grow up and grow stronger.And those who want to enlarge Oerh contact us from our Contact Us page

The benefits of eggs and Beverage strength for sexual intercourse

That the section in which the benefits are many and beautiful strength for sexual intercourse to Sheikh and the great young child and those who said Sheikh mentor to create a God: "Whoever persists in Mkhak eggs every day without a blank on an empty stomach Haig intercourse, and from cook Ohilol or Qlah ghee and poured upon the yolk eggs with Alibzar suspended and is aromatic and materials to off strong sexual intercourse and attacked him and Achtagah longing great, and from pounding the onion and put in the screw and make it Alibzar aromatic and Qlaha the oil with egg yolk and materials by days saw the strength to have intercourse not be described, and camel milk is also mixed with honey and Daum, therefore, finds strength screamed and do not sleep on Ierh at night and not during the day, and from material to roast with the mainland and Dar Chinese and pepper days increased power in sexual intercourse and as long as he has spread even hardly sleeps, and who wants to get married and came to him all night so the garlic before using all of what we take hold of the eggs as much as you find it and then deliver in the Shebaa Tagine and places with soft butter or butter and by His pleasure in the fire until the butter and be too much and then cast him immersed in the honey and mix some of it on some and eat the bread of Abeche, the Shebaa Ierh it does not sleep that night, and said some of the verses:And narrated ... God bless you ... That Abu Hija and slave Memon and Abu Alheloj and famous story known, and her story is that Sheikh Nasser al-Din Allah said: He was in the past before you, from time immemorial and old age and time a great king Sultan many soldiers, and had seven daughters skilled seamstresses in Hassan and the beauty and splendor and perfection, and the auctioneer, and seven on the heads of each other is not among them said; Kdoban kings time I ring to get married and used to wear men's clothes and Erkpn on horses tagged and Itbarzn swords and fight the men in the field of war and each had one of them the Palace and great servants and slaves occupying the palace in all things what they need from eating and drinking and so on, if the preacher came to their father sends them and Ichaorhn, Afikln this is not never been, so he took people speak in stalking, some people say that good deeds and some of them says deeds of evil and that a period of time, but had not seen one to tell them that died Oboehn taken over by the big girl on the King and was named Wouter and name of the second Queen of satellites and the third magnificent fourth, response and fifth commendable and sixth full and seventh Venus and is the youngest and Orjhan mind and Oovgahn opinion and was fond of fishing while the days in the hunting and Guensa they met on the way in Persia and with twentieth-owned greeted responded peace be upon him a woman, then came to some of the slaves and Astbr they told him the whole case went through with it he heard her as deeply veil; He said: "I wish my hair was this? Is it a man or a woman?, That came to separate lunch and sat with them to eat wants to look her face and she refuses to eat and said: "I am fasting; hinted at her eyes and her hands and thus enable his heart Ngnej her eyes and Kdha and moderation, he said to her: Are you in the companionship of thing?; she said: the company of men not worthy of women for that, if met breaths occurred in Gulwbhma Alhoas and entered their obsessive and got news of them to people; said: Company to meet without cheating and not Hva; she said to him: If the associated women men abounded including statements Virgon worst cases, then they fall into Nekal and horrors; said: be accompanied us hidden and our issues Haniyeh, and we meet in this desert; She said: "This is something not to be and is not trivialize and is signed and locked in this surmises and Tagamzat our eyes; said to her: The company and Wissal and fun and beauty and Tanic and Dalal and instead of the same and money; said: talking with scrumptious and your eyes gorgeous if you're from this prohibition; said to her: you talk too and your news Mnaot and your face in my heart Menbot, and that Varguetni no doubt die; said: go to your place and go to my placeand if, God forbid, see you and see me; then parted ways and Twaaada and Sara each and every one of them to his home, did not Itq patience and he was home alone outside the country for what he and his father was a merchant great his funds countless said to him Habror and his son, His name is Abu Al-Hija and between him and his glory days, when Jean de night clothes and rode his horse and held his sword and Astsahb one of his servants said to him, and walked Memon hidden under the dark and still walking the whole night until the morning came down near the mountain and entered the cave there, and Abdo Memon and Judah then recommended that a person on the horse and went out walking to the near of the depths of the palace, which he found a prosperous building high wall and he came back and made the provision of out of it that Tnasf night and slept on his knee while the person is asleep and wake him up if slave Memon, He said: "What news; said: Sir, I hear a sense inside the cave and saw the light a little bit and he stood and looked at the light went out he and slave and came to the cave of the other away from her and said to his servant Sit down until I see what the news, then missed the hour and in order to cave was entered into by and found the corridors up to him if it fell from the light coming out of some hole he put in the same drilled and looked and there he was with those girls and nearly one hundred of the firstborn in the palace is marvelous in that mountain, and the types of gilt furniture and the various formsthey ate and drank and Itnadinm, he said to Abdul Memon: Atni my brother in God, the Father Alheloj, rode a person and walked the whole night, and it was Abu Alheloj of the earliest his companions and Oazzam it, and is the son of the Minister, and Abu Alheloj and Abu Al-Hija and slave Memon was not in their time the most powerful of them, and encourage, and were tyrants who have no capacity for a them in the war, when he reached Al-Memon told him what had happened, he said: Verily Allah and to Him we return, and then rode Judah and took with him my best servants, and went to arrived and entered the cave and grant him peace, told him what had happened to him from the depths of love and told him what had happened in the bottom of the cave, Abu marveled Alheloj of that and also told him that he wanted the attack on the palace he found his force to the cave under the earth, and when he heard the clamor night Jane and large number of laugh and talk and said to him in order to enter and could not see your brother, he went and looked Vavctn of beauty and beauty, said to him: from the depths of these girls and virgins?, said: "Self cod is gorgeous and delicious Alambsm, Her cheek and red crown and forehead Almjohr Al-Azhar and the Holy Hilla and encrusted gold inlay which many and Msamirh Ohlagah of silver and of gold, which her hand on Tgrha; said: "I saw among them such as science, but my brother, tell him you are unaware of Abeche!! Said: "What is it?, Said:" My brother is no doubt that this palace overnight with profligacy because they enter it from night to night, and is replaced is free and eat and drink and profligacy, and that I told you yourself to reach it is not in this place, you can not on something they love with love girls, so do not pay attention to you and not to Sahpetk; he said: O Abu Alheloj, what I knew only knowledgeable adviser and for this I sent you, because I did not be independent of what you think and Mchortk; said to him: "O my brother for the fact that the God of you place, I would not relate at all, but from here is to enter the palace, God willing, when the light morning ordered the slaves to dig that place, Fahadmwa as much as is needed and they Gibwa their horses in a cave and Zrbwa from monsters and thieves then returned and entered them and slaves of that cave, and reached to the palace and each one of them with his sword and Drgueth and responded to the hole as it was and entered the palace they found him gloomy, Vkdh Abu Alheloj trigger and lit a candle was there, and made swerve left and right and found the wonders and oddity and Brushes wonderful and supportive to both color and lighting and tables and Food & Beverage and Fruit and brushes great, were amazed by that and made the pant for it and prepare their homes, and found the many houses, and found it in the end the Pope inside plums small locked lock; said Abu Alheloj : I think this is a door that enter it, and then said: Come, my brother, we stay in the homes of some of this palace; Fmkthoa at the home of great hidden from sight that came the night and if Calgary opened Nectarine and went out and a candle in her hand, the chandeliers were lit and all arranged furniture and set up tables and bring those foods and lined cups and bottles, and made such good Boukrth types, it was not until the hour, and if those maids and virgins entering, Itbchtern in Msheethn on mattresses, and extended their tables with food and drinks, and drank and Voklnsang the types of tunes, and when he Amtlon wine out of the four places, and all the guild Thumper on his face; Zahira said: Alhabn those of us in this night? Security of land or did you go out of the sky Nazeltm? And what do you want?; Said: communion; said Zahira: who?, "Said Abu Hija: you; said: Where do you know me?; Said to her: I am who I met you in the chase; she said: Who enrolled you in this place?, Said: estimated Fajment What do we do?, and it had a firstborn armored vehicles did not appreciate on their own entry and then a woman is said to have semen Ihejeha not a man to marry her; she said to herself: "What do I do not Okidhm these virgins, and I of Anjou, and then said: What we do only on condition; They said to her: your condition is acceptable; said: and if not receive him, you are now my prisoners, and condemn you, what we want; They said: Yes; I took the charters and covenants against them, then hit her on the hand of Abu Hija and said to him: As you enter into Fshartk Tonight eighty virgin without ejaculating; He said: "accepted this condition; Vodechlth to the house and made to send him one after one and he enters them into the income of the slain all of them and did not come down from me, an arch of his strength and all those who were present, She said to him: and this person what his name? He said: "Memon; said: marry this woman is fifty times unabated, whether revealed or did not come down unless he came of necessity which is essential; were amazed from this requirement; slave said Memon: I am doing, and he loves women so much, I joined him to a semen the houses and ordered if tired to tell her, then said to the last: and you are what your name?, said: Abu Alheloj; she said to him: We want you to come in on these women virgins of thirty days and Erik standing does not sleep at night and not during the day, then said to the Fourth: What is your name?, said: farmer; She said: "And you want to you to serve in our hands, and keeps Crtkm, Fshartoa have to attend to them camel milk and honey net drink is water to Abu Hija and his nourishment chickpeas cooked with meat and onions, then asked Abu Alheloj onion is great with meat and drink onion crushed with some one hundred and placed in the honey, and comes a recipe that, in sha Allah, then said: what you want of food, O auspicious; said: diet Mkhak eggs with bread; and fulfilled each and every one, including a request , said Abu Hija: have been discharged you your condition, fulfill me reached out my flower said: Begone Crtkm whether I have you and your friends, the complete condition of your friends you spent your needs all of us and that deficit, one of you set aside and your family God's will, then that Abu Hija sat with women and girls and eating and drinking to be fulfilled the condition of his companions, and, before that Tamap in their families, and is growing every day Well, vibrant and happy to be completed twenty days have changed, and when he reached thirty, and cried, Abu Alheloj had fulfilled the condition, and came and sat down with the owner and they are to eat and drink and are Tamap in Al Maimon perhaps tire or tires of marriage, and every day sent to the semen, and ask him, says to her every day growing stronger, and what I see none but the overriding, then left and said to them: I asked about a person and they told me he was tired and disease, says her Abu Hija: if youve PSP and increase it ten days to Oqltne; and remains so until fulfilled fifty days glad semen because he was a hag to marry her Vtd fifty days, did not put away her, immediately sent semen for the flower say to her: "O Majesty, the condition also covered and do not see it left me, I asked Almighty God except what Oranni than I am in it, it has been Ofajave and became just can not sit down; swore that does not come out until after the ten-day increase over the stipulated Ten days ago, amazed to do so; and after fulfilling all the conditions have won what was in the palace of money and girls and served, women, and suite; Balsoa and divided it among themselves, and the cause of this booty girls applicant is reminded them drinks that irritate the sexual intercourse and that which would want the mind, is to hammer the onion and squeeze a hundred and take the water agent and honey skim foam agent Vtkhalt everyone and cooks with fire soft so water goes out the onions and keep honey in the strength of drinks Vtenslh over the fire and Nbardh in a bottle for a time need, take it ounces, and mix them with three uqiyahs of water may fall into the water chickpeas day and night, and drink in the winter nights before going to sleep a little, it is to drink restless that night, and of the material by the remains Ierh widespread alert does not sleep , and of the hot temper do not drink it because it generates a fever, and no one should attend it for three days only to be an old man or cold in temperament and does not drink in the summer, never.


If you want to have intercourse but no overtures and your stomach empty of food, drink and sexual intercourse shall be the safest and best, if the stomach was overloaded in sexual intercourse cause harm to the rights, is that it merges strokes and the like and less what is in the body and reduces the urine cut off from sight and If I had intercourse with light food and drink have secured it and do not Tjama woman only after Mlaabtha it brings your water and its water and almost desire of the same and so I go to her body and best for the stomach, if you spent your need so they do not by standing Ttramy the wheel and let it be on your right 

How to have intercourse

If you want to have intercourse, you perfume, and a Ttaibtma was more satisfactory to, and then manipulation of Bossa and rod and Taqbila in bed outwardly and inwardly so you know desire has brought in her eyes and then inserted between her thighs and intra Eric where and do, that go for you all and best of the stomach .If you want to have intercourse thrown women on the ground and shaken to your chest coming to her mouth, and neck Massa and rod, and Bossa in the chest and breasts and Aloekan and Alo_khasar and you are volatile right and left to soften in your hands and be dissolved, if I saw her on that case Voolg whereEric, If you do come Shahutkma all and it almost lust for women, and if you did not impair women's purpose does not come to her lust, If you spend your need and you want to get off Flatqm exists, but your right hand gently, and do not drink at your leisure of marriage a drink of water, it relaxes heart, and if you want to revisit it all Vttehra Mahmoud and beware that you looked forward, I am afraid you from its water and its use in Ihllik it leads to hernia and gravel, and caution after intercourse the severity of the movement, they hated, and recommended quiet hours, and if removed the male of the vagina is not Ngtzle to calm down a bit, then calmed down then wash gently and not too much money and do not remember when graduating Vtdlleke vacuum and wash him and Tarkh winery, it is inherited. And various types of reaction to him, if you wish you did well and well and everyone in the shop is well known, and types of Marriage Miley

Ø women receiving on the ground and staying between her thighs and inserted between the intra and Eric and where you are sitting on the edge of the fingers and one who is fully Ierh.

Ø In the short-mentioned women laying on her back and then lifted her right leg the example of his left ear and flying in the air, its mechanism remains her vagina out Violg Ierh it.

Ø and women is that you receive on the ground and inserted between her thighs and legs carry under your arm on your side and the intra.

Ø is that you are on the ground and then carry her legs on your shoulder and then the intra.

And Ø is that you receive on the side and you are on the side and then inserted between her thighs and the intra intercourse, but this is inherited Sciatica.

Ø is that women receiving on her knees and facilities and you come from behind and the intra.

Ø is that women receive on her side and then inserted between her thighs and you are sitting in bed, then make a man over your shoulder and the other between your thighs and your hands where the incubator.

Ø is that women receiving above the ground and replace her legs from each other and then carrying this knee so that the legs remain between the thighs and the intra.

Ø and that is received on her back on the shop so that the legs are short in the ground and back to the shop and its Mechanism on the wall and the intra.

Ø is to come to the Sidra short grab women in the branch of them and then you come to take stock of her legs and waist, and the intra.

Ø and that is to receive the ground and then work and then a pillow under the mechanism away between her thighs and make the bottom of her right leg on the bottom of her left leg and then the intra, and many species of this section.

The harmful effects of sexual intercourse

The harmful effects of sexual intercourse many, has been relegated to Madet needed and are as follows: marriage and stand inherited weakness knees and inherited disease, and marriage is on the side inherited sciatica, and the marriage before breakfast inherited blindness and weakens the sight, and Ttlie the woman him on your chest so that semen and you are lying on your back is inherited heartache, and that the injury to something from the water of the woman in the urethra injury of Staff and is the killers, and when you pour the water coming off inherited and gravel works hernia, and hyperactivity and to wash the penis soon after intercourse inherited red, and intercourse with the elderly a deadly poison, no doubt, and frequent intercourse ruin the health of the body because the semen comes out of pure food like butter from the milk shall be the remainder no benefit and no benefit, and Almtola by means of marriage is suffering the eating Alamaajn and drugs, meat, honey, eggs, non- that inherited his _khasail and is the first: go of his power, and the second one: lack of consideration that is inherited him from blindness, and Third: raising humor, and the fourth: his paper keeps the heart that does not prevent the escape and that expulsion does not suffer and that the heavy lifting and that aware of work take time; and said: "The correct amount in marriage to the owners of the natures of the four bloody and Albulgmi him to marry two or three, and biliary and melancholic to marry him once a month. I said: I've seen people this time melancholy and bloody and bilious and phlegmatic not invent marriage is not on at night and not during the day, so many ills bequeathed them invisible phenomenon and not only knew it.
The causes of sexual intercourse and lust what strengthens
Reasons lust intercourse six: heat boyhood; frequent semen; and closer who craves; and a handsome face; and eat foods known; and contact of ..... And strengthen the eight things to have intercourse and he had to and they are: the health of the body; and vacuum the heart of the concerns; and solitary self; and the large number of joy; and good singing; and different faces and colors.And thereby strengthens the sexual intercourse: taken love wheat and beats him and hurt oil and honey skim of foam and then eaten on an empty stomach, it strengthens to have intercourse (Galen said the wise: the vulnerability of intimacy when you sleep may drink a glass of honey Kather, and eat two tenths of a grain ofalmonds and a hundred grains of pine, attends to the three days) and thus strengthens the sexual intercourse, too, if plating the male and the vagina bitterly wolf it increases in the strength of sexual intercourse, as well as sowing onion rings and Sift and mix with honey and chew on an empty stomach in the morning, as well asLubricant peak sentences melts and paints by the male and suspended the will of intercourse, women Almenkoha see it screamed, and if you want the perfume you craving Vamdg Kababp and make them at the top of remembrance and a mosque, it inherited a great joy to the male and female, and is also working fat Bay La Sun, and if you want to force to have intercourse knock a bit of a pyrethrum almonds and chopped ginger and tapping Tkhaltha painted the lily and paint the pubic and stalk you find the strength to have intercourse, and if you want to force to have intercourse and increase and strengthen Abatk maniac and a lot Anedadk, All the weight of tea whit you Tned Inaada severe and increases in all of what we are, and if you want to Thabk women in the marriage take something from Kababh and pyrethrum and chew when having intercourse and anoint him and remember they Collector Thabk great love, and if the fat maledonkey milk was the greatest and most powerful, and to take the chickpeas with onions and a good grinding and grinding with pyrethrum, and taken from the ginger and sprinkle something to celebrate the praises of chickpeas, onions, and eat it often finds it strange to get married.

Outlook and the stages of sexual intercourse: 

Your eyes may Delta eye on things for you without them Odriha!! The secret of beauty and magnificence of the eyes to widen the pupil, and the impact on my eyes, the other partner. !! What impressed by this language !!!!! The temptation to gaze between the couple and fun to achieve greater ... The role of eye gaze in every stage of the process of citizenship:
1 At the outset: you look to your partner may give rise to inner feelings and wishes to you .. Valenzerp deep between the couple and if you sail in another world raise their romantic atmosphere ...Also, staring at the person driving a continuous manner to the practice of involuntary erotic kisses under anesthesia eye gaze ...
2 in the stage of sexual foreplay: Looks to be a charming big role in the sexual temptation when you are given a wife in the eyes of her husband during foreplay oral causes a lot of excitement to the man ... Especially if in a standing position on her knees ... He added, raises him a tempting way limit the madness ... 
3 during practice: The sharp looks of men, which demonstrates the scaling of sexy sexy women ... And looks hungry express the desire to devour the body of his partner ... And works to heighten sexual pleasure for women ... Especially if perfected the art of T. Given the fearful eyes of the brutality of the man in front of .. This Enqlhma to another world 
4 after reaching the trance: .. To look with clear eyes, hair and kisses him light the role of partner notification in the extent of gratitude to the thrill felt by and give a wealth of compassion ...Therefore it was necessary to focus on eye gaze and its role among the spouses and with time, become each of them able to understand the significance of the other looks without that reveal something and this shows the depth of their relationship ....

My husband joked yesterday .. and .. and .. in view of Haig:

My husband joked yesterday .. and .. and .. in view of Haig: 
Enough with the bold look you you All the ways in which I will mention here served on the parties husband and wife, but you need the courage to .... we all heard the words of the eyes .. and few know what the words of the eyes ... Do you know whether you know, things that ye Basttaatkma request Many eye look? How not including Maigtl .. and I take refuge in God and God save us And beware of those looks and how not to have deprived the Muslim perception of no man's land of what might lead him are located in the heart .. and bear fruit. In this way we will use this looks great .... audaciously pulling together Ahilk j under the calm atmosphere psychologically and physically .. (ie, the time is appropriate that occurs when intercourse and who have no children of Inomhm distracts them), I think Hanakth and clear because one says Meiji Matnf .. but chose to benefit the Old Time Health .. Moo originally choose the time after the work of one of the parties. ... To begin your wife walk in front of you to abuse sexuality perception of body parts and if fragmentation spent yourself given Xi Doha Friday ... Here .. Continued to look at who you like the place .. and she was baptized and Khalha Teshoufak center on the place .. and you look and Heim busy by Choi vinegar Outlook look and going to the one .. I mean going to a soup Keep looking .. even if I spoke with you Asaftha Choi .. because some women who are not understanding and feel .. feel grabbing them .. and then responded as if you awake from a coma. And women in the same way .. .. the precursors or a standing .. .. Or walk Concentrate your view on the region ... and dangerous e ra Ih only yourself. It ... and focus .. I mean, acetic look with the eyes .. but Naisa Hanh and embolden all e ... . In short .. Khc eyes and on her heart and sense with every shiver needed opens his mouth and it becomes Mstal because sure the wife that her husband recessive where hehehehe true love and passion and compassion, and embrace and romance is what touring Arab women, particularly in the Gulf and she look all slow .. and the movement among the parties of the body .. and go upstairs to read and down hills .. .. .. Hlalk explore your art and your charm and daring language of the eyes of God is missing and if God walking in the street language of the eyes notes ad nauseam, they have a good old sicken his wife the best.

Do you have mastered the art of perception?!

Do you have mastered the art of perception?! 
Some of the sensations and the warm feelings .. do not disclose the terms Tnmguet love no matter how others do not feel warmth and affection Hnoha and even if the bodies Taangt!! And when they can Alabbar .. e expression .. The body stands bewildered about justification .. Look in the eyes shine compassion and warmth .. To shorten the list of expressions of love .. And reduced years of age may Evolution's .. Your eyes may Delta eye on things for you without them what you Odriha!! The language of the eyes between lovers .. Mirror of the heart .. A short time .. Fast Alouso's .. Seriously impact .. Art and skills of e!! Disrupted and speak the language of the eyes and addressed in the language of passion kind as to the importance of the language between the couple came some private Alatharalti deepen the impact of this language in it self these effects: - The command given to the woman before the marriage because of this perception of the causes of intimacy and wave and Alatva BC. Said - Peace be upon him: "See to it that it is more likely to create love between you" - The wife is considered to satisfy her husband is best Wickens Murr: in "Do not tell you what Wickens fine one: a righteous, if we look to the navel and if he tells her obey and if you missed it saved"- The exchange of glances between a couple of reasons come down Rahma T: "If a man looked at his wife and looked at him the eyes of God's mercy to them look, then take five with her Znoppema fell through their fingers!" What impressed by this language .. What brought this religion that has guided to deepen the communication between the spouses in this language in particular. Multiple scientific studies confirm that lovers usually look into the eyes of some of them during the conversation, and do not look to their lips or noses or tongues. The secret of beauty and magnificence of the eyes to widen the pupil, and the impact on my eyes, the other partner. !! Dr. Akeardh St.: The man can not voluntarily control the movement of pupil of his eyes, but it can be raised by for the widening, it is known that when a person finds beautiful views, comfortable and nice Kalmroj green and flowers, and the beloved, can accommodate Hdgueta his eyes involuntarily. And even learn a language I'm magic eye: - To consider each of you to the eye of the other quietly. - Adam, your eyes to the beauty in your wife) her nose - her cheeks - her hair - the grain of Khal - Ghamozatin. (! - Make all your senses share your expression of warmth of your outlook) lips - the movement of your head - Tneiedk - your warm. ( - Close your eyes and then blink your quiet calm in the Khaya that gives you a broad and does not make you calm and give your partner an opportunity to balance and arrange her feelings. - Do not be a concern in your looks, frequent blinking quickly, so your partner feels confused and hides the beauty of the language of your eyes. - When your wife Takatabk give it your eyes talking and interacting with her, because the discharge of your sight here and there, or preoccupation with the book or seen the device during her speech made her feel apathetic, it blows up bridges of understanding between you and encourages them to continue in her!! - Farther from your eyes all the reserves Kamal communication between you glasses or more!! Just as the impact of the eye in the expression of the warmth of love .. It has an impact on the prohibition and injunction .. But Otherla causes a crack in Alnfo S. .. The distance between the Algulw b .. Anything, even more intimacy and affection and mercy ..It was Aisha - may God - says: I know the anger of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him from the impact of the face!! The language of the eyes Between lovers: - One of the greatest means of emotional satisfaction between spouses. - Grow in self confidence. - More than love and intimacy. - Feel respected and appreciated. - Melt a lot of ice accumulated in the marital life!! O you the husband .. O, O wife .. Is Taatguenan art view?! * To you:Attacked you from my eyes and me and you and IPT and place If I Botk in my eyes to what enough of the Day of Resurrection.

Areas to raise the man:

Areas to raise the man:
Men in different areas that make them fun. But there are areas agreed upon by the majority of men. They are similar to those with a large hot spots in a woman's body .. but women can discover this by monitoring the areas and a sense of the man to raise a region ... One of the best ways to discover these areas are:During the shower with some foreplay before, and when having intercourse, when touching and Altghazl tags and other than you know the wife of her husband, which is different from a husband to another, and to you the most important of these positions:
First the ear region: in the ear of a network of nerve endings that make the ear more sensitive ... The Chinese take it that the ear are all members of the body it looks like a baby in the womb ... and in the use of needles Chinese divide the ear split in a very complex ..Fbimkan wife raising the ear regionBelhsha tip of your tongue and soft kisses to scarcely be felt or the Party of fine finger movements and mild ... you can discover an area behind the ear by touching the tongue and lips .. Do not be shy or stingy it ... The man raised voice and breathing .. Altwhat launched by the Women's ...... Unleash your husband's permission in the words Vchal has the desire for maximum levels Klkmp I miss you,,, baby,,, God does not spell on you,,, and Gerhaa of the wordsThe second area lips: lip of the areas known allergies ... Kissing a wife and Zojhaa TvennhaKisses in the man gives the impression that there is a lot waiting for him .. It is enough that the Messenger of love between couples isKiss and private) French Kiss (ie Ttbaki your mouth over his mouth and touches your tongue tongue husband and suck and lick was: Can annexation application on the upper lip is applied to shoftak bottom or Ba contrary, and do not forget that this is the lip resulting in the secretion of sex hormones for both spouses, do not miss that your husband's saliva contains calcium and phosphorus ... They are two articles Tdman very positive elements of the gums and teeth and are protected from many diseases.A team of Australian doctors that saliva contains a substance capable of accelerating wound healing, and this transferred to the partner through the exchange of kisses Vthvz has a self-treatment promptly for any injury that may exist in any of its members.Region III chest: the chest area is one of the areas preferred by most men ... can be sensitive to women's chest or Bimkanhaa work of massage was the husband.Region IV nipple in men: It is also a sensitive area knocked on raised through Ams .. Or suck on the nipple. Put your head on his chest and Enjoy beat, his heart which) Taiz you a lot (I passed Nahdik on his chest all the femininity and Gnj it as a trigger electrical impulses in a wonderful, and raised quickly and Odjalleha hanging on his chest every direction and the region, to: chest and Helmath, and rub them and touch the hairy chest, the side, and on his stomach, and on the penis down, and dress Hrkehma) light massage (for raising the slow movements, appealing, and attractive to your husband, Odjalehma touches the lip and that) Ialghemhma (mouth bitch about Marcie) torture desired (Region V neck: the neck when a man the vulnerable and to Hsasihaaa lies methods raised by Alqublaaat dry or wet the area .. also near the breath of the neck area give rise to men .... and can be congregational the raising of the Parties to the neck and the Adam's apple Ba kisses or cunnilingus and Msa .. And SenseFinished in the shoulders and spine massage for men and Atvotk) side of the neck or the forefront of (Region Avpedo men: the most sensitive areas in the body of the man is concentrated in the penis, including the head of the penis ..This is the region of the nerve endings of movement sense. And Haa more than one way to Asttharthaaa. Through to touch your hand Ootdena from top to bottom or vice versa slowly and fun or Msa .. and portable to most areas of your body, or in your armpit and work Hrkaat circular on the region between pass your thighbetween him and make him or light pressure Owelams and embraced by your neck and place it behind your ear Boutriiqp attractive Aubin your chest and do not forget Alqdibp both sides of the line and the bottom member.Seventh Region scrotum: The scrotum is a thin bag is located below the penis and is covered with a quantity of light hair and contains the testicles inside. There are in the skin of the scrotum layer of muscle fibers to contract in a manner which is involuntary reaction to stir sexual .. or play sports or cold weather, leading to the lifting of the testes to the nearest place next to the body ...When the increase of temperature and relaxes the scrotum hanging Baidaa from the body as a reaction helps to Antaaj Alehioanaat testicular sperm that are affected by cold and heat The area of ​​the scrotum sensitive area ... And can raise a man Mnhaaa through fondling the region because some of the apse of intense pressure on the region man feels pain in the testis .. Can use oils to Tdlelk the scrotum and testis .. And the scrotum becomes sensitive few seconds before ejaculation and during ejaculation ....... and as we are raising the scrotum has a light touch without any force or violence, just a light touch ...... just because the only pressure) until the average power (leading to severe pain) Baiqad writhing all night and degrades Hrth Vic (Perineal region, the eighth in men: or the G-spot in men, a region connecting the testicles and the anus .. The area is considered the base of the penis is hidden from the body and the incredible number of nerve endings and muscles can be felt by touching the area. Vlmsha and pressure by the finger and then lightly massage, or have Iankakk Botaravk and Mdaapetk her and licked him escape detonators deposits Itharath nationality.Ninth region Ass: This is strongly provoke Basarhama by tossing three or four seconds and during ejaculation .... also note that with just a light touch does not come to any result so you must remember that the disturbed region with the age, strong pressure.CAUTION: The four regions of the last is the most sensitive areas in a man's body, which unknown to most of the men or the cause of ignorance of the men for this is that these areas become sensitive, but very sensitive before throwing the man a little during the period of ejaculation as well, and if she knew my wife how to evoke these areas before throwing her husband few seconds (three or four seconds) and during the thrown, it increases the strength of ejaculation and orgasm in men almost doubled. These four areas to become highly sensitive sexual ejaculation before and during the few seconds, so must the husband and inform the media when his wife is about to libel, and that giving them a specific reference to be agreed upon in advance between them or that it is to know when the time comes. If your husband Asttherti in these areas, at the right time and properly, it also gives not familiar trance before and is therefore up to you You are enjoyablyLargest.