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Arts fondling ear Part II

So women delights of the wonderful words of the husband: 
Wives tend to speak too much and you want to hear beautiful of it, and has no objection to repeat what she was told over and over again, or to hear the same story more than once, and that is the problem, which is where many of the couples that they do not talk with their wives in the bedroom or during marital cohabitation, and this is due to the nature of man, and its focus on a particular subject and Astassaab that distracts the two subjects simultaneously, but must try and try, may hold many of the men in it, and the question now is what words you like the wife to Hear and increase the effectiveness and her love for her husband and Onasseha tags, these are examples of some of the expressions of men that can be for couples to use: • You are so beautiful. • You're all old. • You dream that you wish to be true. • You always Ngrinni. These phrases and many others have signed on emotion wife and the happy Vetohb to her husband more than imagined, but owned more and more, I once read about the divorce rate in Kuwait for reasons of nationality of any desire of the couple divorce for non-satisfaction of both parties the other in the marital cohabitation, and the ratio was 6% of the Total cases of divorce any of every hundred cases, six cases, do not know how to behave in the bedroom, and I think that if we add the issues of marital infidelity for the same reason, the number became larger. We need to learn this science in a manner far from the sensationalism, and agree to al-Shara, and Ansruffina the launch of these things and not teaching our children to lead them to the delinquency of a left and right Vichahdon movies and pornographic magazines, that we did not improve to talk with our children in the age of marriage for the bedroom, did not teach them when you get married to their wives Itagzloa Bjamil speak. The saying goes lead them to delinquency, we are accused that we are not cruel emotional, but I say that if parents did not have a role in the wetting of the tongue of their son, so why accuse the youth, but should accuse ourselves because we did not create the atmosphere for them. If you learn the art of beautiful glue to speak, and we know how Ntakatab words sweet and good, the good wordCharity as the Prophet peace be upon him, is not required to be a good word are the words of Praise be to Allaah, and CFU .. , Though them, but may be rewarded by the word that the couple together: the speaker and the listener is the word: "I love you .. Iotni and he did not sleep since I traveled about you .. And other handouts that can couple together to Itsedka out on each other every day

The left ear and sexual arousal:

Scientifically proven to be a whisper when the left ear of the womanor the man raises Aeryzp sexual and words of love and lovereaches and affects the way for more depth.
Note for women: Try to Taatngmi voice and graduation wordingnationality exciting and irritating to your spouse during your relationship with intimacy and closeness of your mouth from his left ear and do not forget that Tmidhi manhood tones your voice andyour example, that does not Acaomk and others are Taatffine them according to your situation man loves a woman who praise his sexual power and value and exchanged for the same emotionsAnd ignite instinct inside and please bitch about frigidity is one of the most important reasons for putting your husband God protect us from Halnfor.

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